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A multi-charity marketplace providing donation tools for charities of all sizes. People powered online donations turns goods into funds efficiently.

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People powered donations

By recruiting the help active donators. Goods are transferred in a more efficient way. Raising more funds for registered charities

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Designed to be easy

Designed to place little or no admin burden on registered charities. Givingly feels easy, simple, and beautiful.

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A win-win for everyone!

Charities raise funds. Donators show and see their love. People discover wonderful pre-loved items.

Built for charities of all kinds.

No matter what size organisation you are, with givingly you can benefit from donated items, with almost zero hassle.


People powered donations

Rather than bagging up items for a charity shop drop. With Givingly, your donators act a seller for you. They advertise and exchange the item at an amount that they feel is right.

Givingly platform

Users can browse items donated your charity as well as all others creating a rich multi-charity shop experience. Payments a routed through the Givingly platform to you charities account.


Building a community.

Givingly aims to change the way people approach donation of goods to charities and in turn create more awareness of the role of charities and donation in creating a healthy community. We want to allow people to feel they have actively participated and receive recognition in helping your charity achieve it's fundraising goals.

Our beautiful toolbox of widgets will increase your fundraising.

Givingly provides a suite of pre-built tools enhance you website and social media that will create more awareness of your charity and encourage people to support you.

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This is typically the net value of sold items in physical charity shops that is passed on to charitable causes (the rest is swallowed by the cost running the shop).


Of the value of items exchanged though Givingly is passed on to the charity. With Givingly the value of items is more efficiently converted into charitable funds.

Zero hassle

Once a charity is signed and verified there is nothing else to do! Although spending some time to promote your presence on Givingly to your contacts will help to generate donations and item exchanges

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We can help you raise funds. Benefit from the value of donated goods. With a fraction of the associated costs and hassle of running a bricks and mortar charity shop.

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